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Diagnosis and Treatment of Headaches and More

Headaches have a variety of causes and treatment. To check if the pain you’re feeling is not severe, depend on Ohio Neurology and Headache Center of Excellence in Dublin, OH. Our team can perform a noninvasive test to help diagnose possible neurological conditions.

We are committed to improving outcomes and treating patients with respect and compassion. We also show our professionalism at all times—striving to meet their expectations and providing them with excellent services with a short waiting time.

How We Started

We first established Ohio Neurology and Headache Center of Excellence in 2003 as a comprehensive headache clinic for neurological disorders. Since then, we have been helping patients with various conditions, including headaches, syncope, and neuropathic pain.

Mission Statement

We strive to help people who are suffering from neurological disorders. That is why we take every complaint and medical symptom of our patients seriously. We perform comprehensive workups to gather data on which we base our treatment plans.

What Sets Us Apart

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Complete Patient Satisfaction

Accessible Neurologist and Staff

Great Physician-Patient Relationships

All Neurophysiologic Testing Performed On-Site (Except Neuroimaging)

Short Waiting Period

What Our Clients Say